A 'Direct Hit' to earth by a solar flare is expected later this week, and it could cause quite a disruption to daily life.

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Scientists are saying that a solar flare is on a collision course with earth, and its impact could cause blackouts to certain electronics systems.  Just about a week ago, a giant sunspot had astronomers worried about possible solar flares that could make their way toward earth.

Usually, they can be spotted well in advance, but the late discovery of this latest solar storm has scientists worried that it could affect life later this week across the globe, and here in New York.

Last Friday, it was reported that a giant solar flare had erupted from the sun. Generally, solar flares don't cause any direct damage when they arrive on earth, but it is the possibility of significant blackouts to GPS navigation systems, and radio waves that have the science community concerned.

According to spaceweather.com, the expected arrival time here on earth should be later this week, sometime between July 20th and July 21st.

What does all this mean for New York State?  Well, first off, the solar storm poses no threat to humans here on earth.  When the storm collides with the earth's electromagnetic field, that's when we will see and feel the effects of the storm.  Scientists are predicting that that storm could interrupt, or cause a complete blackout of GPS service once it makes an impact.  Meaning, that there is a good chance that your GrubHub or Uber Eats driver isn't going to be able to find your house.

The 'X-Class' flare, which erupted from the sun as part of a storm on June 14th,  is the most intense category of a solar flare and could also disrupt radio waves, causing issues for ham radio or amateur radio operators.

Reports from NASA are saying that the flare could arrive on earth as early as tomorrow, July 19th.

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