We have been counting down the days until the Buffalo Bills kick off against the Rams to start the NFL season.  Today we highlight the all-time scoring leader of the Bills.

With just 2 days left until the regular season kicks off, of course today we will be highlighting a player who wore the #2 and is also the reigning all-time scoring leader of the Buffalo Bills - Steve Christie.

Christie was a kicker who was incredibly accurate.  In 144 games for the Bills, he was able to rack up 234 field goals and 309 PAT's.  It adds up to 1,011 points.  The next closest player to him is Rian Lindell who was able to add 980 points in his career in Buffalo.  Yes...kickers score a lot of points.

One of his biggest kicks though, happened in 1992 to complete what has become (and still stands as) the greatest comeback in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills were playing the Houston Oilers (who eventually became the Tennessee Titans and not the Houston Texans...that's a story for another day) in the AFC Wildcard Playoffs.  The Bills really had an uphill battle from the get-go.  They were without Jim Kelly, they lost Thurman Thomas, and one of their defensive stars, Cornelius Bennett.

They were down early.  Houston cruised out to an early lead in the first half.  They were winning 28-3 as both teams headed into the locker rooms for half time.  Then after a Frank Reich interception in the beginning of the 3rd quarter, Houston was firmly in the lead at 35-3.  Oilers fans for sure thought they were headed to the Super Bowl.

Some of the Bills "fans" were leaving thinking it was over for sure.  But the Bills didn't give up.

After multiple touchdown throws from Reich to Reed and Beebe, and runs by backup running back Kenneth Davis, the Bills were back in it.  Then came this kick from Christie to put it away...


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