Country music has some of the most talented singers of any genre. But there are a few that are so unique, they deserve added recgonition.

What sets country music a part is the ability for the songs to relate so well to a situation that you may have been facing before, or currently facing. Whether it’s something that’s making you really happy in your life, or something that is bringing you down, country music absolutely has a song for that.

Country music is so much more than just the lyrics. It is about the style in which the artist performs the song that really magnifies the essence of what the song or the lyrics are about.

I put together a list of the artist that I think have the most unique voices and truly shaped the way we listen to country music. For example, a song that has been sung by Hank Williams Senior is brought to life so much more by his tone and the certain amount of passion and pain that came from his voice when he sang a song. Lots of artists have re-created hank Williams songs in their own style but it certainly doesn’t compare to the way that Hank could sing them.

Truthfully, this list could go on and on because there are so many unique voices in country music. But I think that if you were to narrow it down to a certain target of artists that I think would give the definition of how a country song should be song these are the artists I would pick.

Country Music's Unique Voices

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