Country stars are adopting Snapchat as the new way to share pics with fans. Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan are two who Snap, but neither of these acts are the Country Quickie's favorite.

That honor goes to Brett Eldredge, for obvious reasons. Host Nicki D screenshot-saved a few of his photos — no, you're not technically supposed to do that, but can you blame us? — and Snapped him back in this week's episode of the Country Quickie. She also sent "I See You" singer Bryan a message, and took a pic for Charles from Lady Antebellum.

Find ToC at "ToCsnaps" on Snapchat, and snap us a pic of your favorite artist or — better yet — a video of you singing a song from your favorite artist. The Country Quickie is a weekly look at the top stories in country music. Host Nicki D doesn't just stand and deliver the news. Instead she proudly inserts herself into the story, in often ridiculous fashion. Be sure to subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel after you're through watching.

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