Look which country star might just be a Buffalo Bills fan. ...."Go Bills?" and he'll be coming to Buffalo for a sold out show.

Country star Zach Bryan seemed to be rooting for the Buffalo Bills.At least for yesterday's big game between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. He tweeted right after the game kicked off and the Bills Mafia picked up on it inviting him to join the bandwagon. It's not hard to not like the Buffalo Bills. The constant under-dog story, Josh Allen, hardworking city and the fans all make it one of the most fun cities to root for.

But, Zach Bryan is diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan. He talks about them often on social media. In fact, Bryan was on his way to the Eagles game this season when he was arrested.

He was arrrested for obstruction of law enforcement.

Bryan's private security was in an SUV and Bryan was in a different truck. They were both pulled over and when it "took too long", Zach Bryan didn't hesitate to say. A lot. Zach Bryan said that it was the second time in 3 days that he was pulled over at the time.

Bryan also allegedly told the trooper that "arresting him is 'why people do not like police officers,' according to the report.

Bryan allegedly told the trooper "that if he would let him out of the handcuffs that he would get back in his truck while also stating 'If you don't, it is going to be a mistake sir. I promise,'" according to the report posted to ABC.com.

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