So this past Friday I was cutting the lawn. About 20 feet behind me, despite the loud sound of the mower, I heard a "CRACK"...a very LOUD crack! Much to my disbelief I watched 15,000+ gallons of water pouring down the lawn along the side of our home.

Yes, our 15 year old pool split open! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't get to my smart phone fast enough to capture the moment. Apparently, the metal wall suffered a stress fracture and couldn't take it anymore. A couple of good things though. First no one was hurt and no major damage (other than the pool). Secondly, I won't have to cover it this winter! A couple days later my wife and I are laughing about it. We have also learned this has happened to several friends of ours. Well, goodbye summer and so long least until next spring. We will rebuild!