It was a double smack in the face for any members of Bills Mafia who watched The Super Bowl last night.

Not only did the play of the LA Rams make it feel like if they played Buffalo the Bills would have scored like 56 points and routed them and then some. but on top of having to witness the Rams win the Super Bowl, we had to listen to Cris Collinsworth spew his thoughts about the game all night long.

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Many people here in Western New York are not big fans of Collinsworth because of his perceived bias against the bills. During the regular-season game between the Bills and Kansas City, Collingsworth openly applauded a Chiefs player who was trying to intentionally hurt Joash Allen by twisting his ankle.

You can see the video HERE.

But unlike other color commentators, it seems that Collinsworth doesn't go into much depth with analysts of the game.

For example, as the Rams were headed down on their final game-winning drive, Collinsworth great wisdom was saying that the Rams star Quarterback Matthew Stafford had to find his star wide receiver, Cooper Kupp. Really...that was your big insight into the game. The two main players for the Rams all season long had to play well to win! That is something someone at a bar would say to sound smart.

Collinsworth is a former player and has been an analyst for several years. Give me some serious insight that my drunk brother-in-law couldn't give me. How about how the Rams coaches were working the game plan to get those two could get together? Or how the offense can adapt to get Kupp open. Or on the flip side, We all knew those two needed together, so what should the Bengals do to defend it.

Also, a lot of people said they didn't see Collinsworth bias during the game. Of course not, the two teams he openly roots for Green Bay and Kansas City didn't make it!

Overall, I think most members of Bills Mafia and any fan base that doesn't root on Green Bay or Kansas City know that Cris Collinsworth is bad at announcing.

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