Bills Mafia has another reason to be excited for Sunday's playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Buffalo Bill hater Cris Collingsworth will not be calling the Bills/Chiefs game on Sunday night. The game is set to air on CBS and the game will be called by the network's #1 broadcast team, Jim Nantz and Tony Romo.

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The last time the Bill took on the Chiefs, it was a Sunday night game where the Bills beat the Chiefs 38-20 and was broadcast live on NBC sports where Cris Collinsworth is the lead analyst.

During the game, Collinsworth was pretty much one-sided and bias with his love for Kansas City and their QB Patrick Mahomes. Also, he talked highly about a Chief's player who tried to twist Josh Allen's ankle on purpose.    

Then after that game and later in the season when the Bills were battling the New England Patriots for the AFC East division, he made this comment on Twitter.

I know that every analyst is entitled to their opinion but when someone's opinion is anti-Buffalo all the time, it is good news for Bills Mafia that we won't have to listen to him for three hours on Sunday.

The only issue is that he is calling the Super Bowl which means we will have to endure him while watching the Bills win the Lombardi Trophy.

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