Officials in Buffalo are taking the next step to get a port for a cruise line in Buffalo, New York. There is going to be an official survey to be done by the beginning of next year to take a look at what the potential/feasibility would be.

This could allow cruises to leave out of the Outer Harbor in Buffalo, New York, and go to destinations like Toronto, Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. If you were wondering, they are connected by rivers and smaller lakes.

There are already cruises that run out of the Great Lakes and Canada via a cruise line called Viking Cruises. On their website,

Here are some of the cruises that are already offered according to their website:

  • Toronto to Duluth, Minnesota: 15 days
  • Toronto to Milwaukee: 8 days
  • New York City to Toronto: 13 days
  • Toronto to Fort Lauderdale: 16 days
  • Milwaukee to Thunder Bay: 8 days

We see this as our opportunity to start gleaning information and best practices from the member states, member destinations. We really wanted to take an opportunity to host the group here in Buffalo, so that they could actually see what we have to offer," said Kaler during a press conference on Tuesday with fellow Great Lakes cruise experts.

EXTRA: This cruise ship is also the same cruise line that tried to break a Guinness World Record for the longest world cruise starting from Greenwich Pier in 2019 in Greenwich, London. The cruise will travel for 245 days and visit 111 ports in 51 countries returning to Greenwich in May 2020.

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