It's described as an annual music festival cruise.  They call it Jam Fest.  It runs out of Florida and each year it gives you a chance to mingle with stars in different genres of music.  This year's 9th annual cruise included American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, funk and jazz musician Maceo Parker.   A total of 44 acts were aboard the ship. 

A little added bonus to this year's cruise - a drug raid.  U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, U-S Marshalls, U-S Drug Enforcement agents and Broward County Sheriffs boarded the MSC Peosia cruise ship while it was docked in Fort Lauderdale and seized marijuana, LSD, mushrooms, hash oil, Ecstasy, prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia.  15 people were arrested.

The ship later left on a five-day trip to the western Caribbean with stops in Honduras and Mexico.

In case you don't know, passengers who board cruise ships and their luggage are screened just like airline passengers.  If you're carrying contraband, you're likely to get caught.