Governor Andrew Cuomo had his weekly briefing on Wednesday morning and gave an update on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York State.

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Among the topics were the positivity rates, which Western New York remains the highest across the state, along with the highest increase in hospitalizations in the state over the past three weeks at "262 percent."

One of the biggest points made was Governor Cuomo announcing that New York's first vaccine delivery (Pfizer) will be enough doses for 170,000 and be delivered by December 15th.

To put the number in perspective, there are about 19.45 million people living in the state. The Governor said, "the vaccine should be available everywhere, no matter the race, religion, everything."

Cuomo stressed the increases in COVID-19 cases will increase throughout the holiday season and he doesn't expect it to plateau until mid-January, roughly two weeks after the holiday season ends.

Many across Western New York were worried that parts of Erie County that are currently in the orange zone would be going into the red zone this week, but that announcement wasn't made and those parts of Erie County remain in the orange zone.

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