Many fans were angry to see that Governor Andrew Cuomo was going to be at the Bills' playoff game on Saturday, but now he says he won't be going after all.

For the entire regular season, Bills fans were kept out of the stadium by regulations that were put in place by governor Andrew Cuomo. As we inched closer to the playoffs, Cuomo started to sing a different song. He thought that after looking at data from other teams there wasn't anything to suggest that anyone who had gone to a game had contracted the virus in other stadiums. So he started to put together a plan to get fans back in the stands.

It was great news for BillsMafia who had obviously been anxious to show their team how much they appreciated them.

Then the news came out that the governor would also be attending the game. People were enraged. The argument was that the tickets were supposed to be available only to season ticket holders...real fans. And suddenly he was using up a ticket that someone else could have had. A petition to make sure he couldn't attend the game went out and thousands of fans signed it.

Now, it looks as though their wishes will be granted.

Governor Cuomo announced today that he would not be attending the game because he will have to stay in Albany to write the State of the State address that is due later next week.

The good news is that that ticket will not go unused. His ticket will be given to a nurse who works at ECMC instead.


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