You read that correctly, you can now customize your own batch of delicious and scrumptious, Oreos!!!

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Just in time for your small gatherings, you can have an Oreo cookie designed exactly the way you want it. You can even add a photo!

According to reports, Oreo is offering two ways to customize them online. There are eight colors available including red, green, purple and pink. Cookies can be dipped in white or classic fudge and/or be covered in sprinkles. It's all part of the new OREOiD feature.

Since we are being told how many people we are allowed to have at our Thanksgiving this year, we better make the best of it. Yes, there are some traditions that we simply must have. Turkey, stuffing and football are just three that come to mind first. But thanks to companies like Oreo, there may be some new traditions that we can begin in 2020.

Who doesn't love Oreos? We use them not only as a great dessert for our boys, but they are great to have on hand for "rewards" (bribes?) for our sons. The problem is, they only want to eat the filling! The actual cookie part seems to be left behind on the plate after they are done. But don't think I let it go to waste! I am an old school Oreo guy and I will play cleanup of the cookie portion any day!

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