2020 has been one heck of a tough year on everyone worldwide. But there are some things you can do to make your world better. Especially if you have kids at home.

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I have only been a dad for a little over 4 years. But in that time, we have had three sons born! As hard as some of the days and nights have been, there are so many great moment to outweigh the struggles. One of them happened just a few days ago while I was having my oil changed.

It is one of those mundane "adult" type of things that many guys probably can do on their own in their own garage. However, I am not that tech inclined and have barely any time to clean the garage let alone work on my truck. I chose to load up the boys and head for one of the locations that allows you to stay in your vehicle while they change the oil.

The boys and I had a blast.They asked so many questions! Many of the questions I felt like I answered correctly. I admit, I made up a few of the other answers. For example, we weren't 100 feet in the air when they put my truck on a lift. But to the boys, it seemed like it!

With the election happening this past week, I remembered when my dads would take me with him to vote. The machines seemed huge! My dad would let me go behind the big curtain and pull the lever that would close the curtain for privacy and reset the ballot machine. I felt so adult and so important walking out of that polling place with dad. Now it seems we have to beg adults to vote.

I have learned that things are so much better when you look at them through kids' eyes. It really doesn't matter if you can buy them all the toys in the world if you can't spend the time with them.

This past evening, our family friend, Kasper, stopped over for a visit. He is turning 90 this month! The boys love when Kasper stops over because he brings balloons with him Kasper is one of the best balloon animal makers you will ever meet! It is a balloon animal zoo in our living room before he leaves and the kids could not be happier. Just another reminder that a simple balloon and some time is worth more than any expensive toy you can buy online.

The hardest part about my job these days is being away from the boys. Our oldest son just started Pre-K and time is going way too fast. But I suggest that when you have time with your kids, don't try too hard to make things perfect for them. The extraordinary moments can happen from an ordinary event or task

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