I consider it a privilege to serve as a food judge each year at the Taste of Buffalo.  The day begins with instructions....basically, not to be a glutton, show good manners and don't consider it carte blanche to go wherever you want.  You get an assignment to try the food at four restaurants and one other bonus restaurant of your choice.

This year my assignment was to try the menu offerings at:

  • Cheesy Chick Food Truck
  • Red Osier Restaurant
  • India Gate
  • Anderson's Frozen Custard

The Cheesy Chick offered a Bacon Grilled Cheese, Basic Grilled Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly with mini pretzels topped with whipped cream, and the Pesto Pita as the healthy option.  My favorite was the Pesto Pita.

The Red Osier offered the Roast Beef Sundae; roast beef with potatoes, cheddar cheese and topped with a grape tomato, Mac and Cheese Weck, Smashed Potatoes and Dill PIckle as the healthy option.  The winner here was the Roast Beef Sundae.

The menu at the India Gate included Chicken Butter Tiki Masala, Chicken Biryani, Alu Mater Samosa with Chutney and Baingan Bhartha.  I'm not a big fan of Indian food but I tried everything.  I think the Chicken Butter Tiki Masala was my favorite.  I say 'think" because I wasn't able to identify what the items were.

And then there was Anderson's.  In all the years I've gone to Anderson's I've never tried their handmade ice cream and frozen yogurt.  The frozen yogurt was superb. I never would have guessed it was yogurt.  By far that was my favorite item.  The no fat, no sugar added Black Raspberry Ice Cream was a very close second. It certainly opened up my options when I go to Anderson's in the future.

Here's a listing of this year's winners at the Taste of Buffalo and a video of how my day went on Saturday -

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