The 2023 NFL Draft is complete and it's a mixed bag of reactions from Buffalo Bills fans.

Despite the team gaining another offensive weapon in round one and serious help on the offensive line in round two, the team didn't draft a wide receiver until round five...which didn't sit well with some fans.

However, you could easily argue that their first round pick will basically be a wide receiver, despite being listed as a tight end.

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The Bills drafted Utah tight end Dalton Kincaid with the 25th overall pick in the first round; trading up two spots to leapfrog the Dallas Cowboys, in order to select Kincaid and add a receiving threat tight end to their offense.

Kincaid watched the draft at home with his family and friends, which also included an adorable dog that fans noticed on television.

The dog's name is Bella and she's a bichon-toy poodle mix. She's 11 years old and has battled medical issues. Dalton's parents told him they may have to put her down when he got home this past week for the draft, but Bella was able to enjoy the moment of Dalton being drafted.

Bella hadn't been doing good lately but was riled up on draft night, according to Dalron's father.

That's so heartbreaking to hear about Bella but it's cool that she was able to be involved in that moment, which will live on forever.

Dalton said that they got Bella when he was in middle school.

We don't deserve dogs.

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