How the tides have changed!  Years ago it felt like there was no way Buffalo could get big-name free agents.  Now they're asking to play here.

That's not to say that Buffalo hasn't been able to get any free agents to come here.  They surprised a lot of people back in the day when they convinced people like Terrell Owens and Mario Williams to come here and be the change that this franchise needed.  But it was always like the Bills were trying to convince them that they should be here.  Now, many players are saying that they want to come here.

What started the change for the Bills?

There were a couple of things that aligned to start the change for the Bills.  The first was when the front office changed.  The addition of Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott was a huge win for the Bills. They made it a priority to change the culture at One Bills Drive and they did.

The next thing was the addition of quarterback Josh Allen.  Although he wasn't the unanimous favorite in the 2018 draft from the fans, he's certainly proved that he can play.  He's fun to watch and multiple players have admitted that one of the biggest reasons they would like to come here is to play alongside him.

Add those things to the fact that they've begun to see success in the last few years, players aren't afraid to take the leap to Buffalo anymore.

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Dalvin Cook says he would like to come here

Four-time pro bowl running back Dalvin Cook is expected to be traded by the Minnesota Vikings any minute now.  If he doesn't get traded, it's possible that he will be cut to save money.

So where will he end up?

If he has anything to do with it, he'd like to come to Buffalo or Miami.

Will the Bills make the move?

Bringing Dalvin Cook in would pair him up with his little brother James Cook.  He's a seasoned vet who has had some big success in Minnesota.  Why wouldn't they make the move?

1. The running back room is already pretty full - With the addition of Damien Harris from the Patriots and Latavius Murray in the offseason and our current running backs James Cook and Nyheim Hines, there's not much room on the roster.

2. His salary - One would guess that he's going to be asking for a pretty big paycheck.

3. How much does he have left in the tank? - Many think that he's "washed up."  Although the Bills still remember the long touchdown that he scored against them last season in a game that the Bills eventually lost in overtime.

We will see if they make a move for Cook, but I wouldn't hold my breath for this one. But man...I'd hate to see him in Miami.

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