Rollercoaster fans will be looking forward to the latest plans by Darien Lakes Theme Park and Resort to build what they call a "Euro-style" rollercoaster.  The Genesee County Planning Board recommended that the plan be approved.  The Darien Town Planning Board will take up the issue next week.

This particular project shouldn't be a problem to approve because it will replace a ride already in place; the Thunder Rapids log flume.  This new coaster to be known as Tantrum will feature a 98-foot vertical lift and a 90-degree drop on the first hill.  It should be ready to go in time for the park's opening in May.

Would you want to take the very first ride on this thing?  I'm not sure I would but I'd be willing to ride it on the first DAY.  But a 90-degree drop?  I'll give it a try.

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