The Buffalo Bills are looking ahead to the Washington Commanders this Sunday, but there is still some talk about what transpired against the Las Vegas last Sunday.

The Bills won in dominating fashion, 38-10, as the Raiders could not stop the Bills on offense or defense. Their star running back Josh Jacobs was held to negative yardage, while star wide receiver Davante Adams was stopped after their opening drive touchdown.

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Towards the end of the game, as the Bills took players out because of the score, Adams was hit in the head by Bills safety Taylor Rapp on a long pass from Jimmy Garoppolo. The ball fell incomplete and than an instance later, Rapp hit Adams, which caused Adams to enter the NFL's concussion protocol.

Adams sounded off on Rapp in talking with the Vegas media, saying that the hit was "completely unnecessary."

"Certain players play a certain way, some are out of control, they fly around," said Adams.


"Playing a half field on one side and run over and hit somebody in the head on the other side of the field...that's the kind of stuff that contributes to you not being on the field, when you're in and you're blowing us out by 25...maybe if that man learns how to play the game the right way he'll see the field," added Adams.

Rapp was signed by the Bills as a free agent this past off-season, after spending the first four years of his career with the Los Angeles Rams.

Here’s the hit in question.

The hit got Rapp a flag for unnecessary roughness.

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