Buffalo takes its food very seriously. If you ask any Buffalonian who has moved away for personal or professional reasons, they will all tell you the thing they miss the most about Western New York (outside of the people and sports) is the food.

Wings, beef on weck, pizza logs, spaghetti parm, Paula's Donuts, French onion soup, sponge candy, etc. Craft beer is another thing in great quantities in Western New York.

Buffalo-style pizza is another famous food in Western New York.

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Believe it or not, there are more pizzerias per capita in Buffalo than in New York City. Yes, New York City is far bigger and therefore, has more pizzerias in total, but for the population comparison, Buffalo technically has a more abundance of pizzerias, which is a crazy stat.

Buffalo-style pizza is slightly thicker than thin crust. It has extra cheese, a sweeter sauce and cup-n-char pepperoni. It's delicious, although not ever going to be confused for a health food.

Dave Portnoy, who is the founder of Barstool Sports, has made it a tradition to travel the country and try different pizza places. He gives each pizza a ranking from 1-10 and often says his favorite styles of pizza is New Haven, which is more well done and crispy.

Portnoy last tried pizza in Buffalo back in 2019. He tried Bocce Club, La Nova and Picasso's, which are three hugely popular Buffalo pizzas.

He said he enjoyed all three but liked Bocce Club the best. He mentioned how Buffalo style isn't well done enough for him and not really his style. He did say the ingredients are fantastic. All were in the 7's for rankings, which are good scores.

Here's the Bocce Club one.

It's been four years and Portnoy should give a few more Buffalo pizzas a try; perhaps when the Patriots are in Buffalo to play the Bills at the end of December.

Two pizzerias, who serve Buffalo-style, that he should try are Casa Di Pizza (downtown Buffalo) and Bella Pizza (Blasdell).

These are both pizzas that are clear Buffalo style, but a little lighter than Bocce, La Nova and Imperial Pizza. They feel slightly more crispier and maybe up Portnoy's alley, albeit not his exact favorite style.

Ferro's Famous Pizza is another he should try, because it's thin crust. It's on Ridge Road in Lackawanna. It's also Josh Allen's favorite pizza in Western New York.

Make sure you get back here to try more Buffalo pizza, Portnoy.

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