As we head into the weekend, many of us will enjoy an adult beverage. So we decided to high light different drinks you can enjoy all weekend long.

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Football season is here and like most people, we have to tailgate at our homes. Here is a perfect "shot" you can make to celebrate all the Buffalo touchdowns this week. It is a Blue Bomber Kamikaze Shot. You take one part Vodka, one part Blue Caruso, and one part lime juice. The best part of the shot is the presentation. Take your shot glass, dip the rim in white cake frosting and then dip it in a bowl of Pop Rocks! Now you have a perfect shot glass to hold your Blue Bomber Shot!

Right now you can get a 1.75 ml bottle of Svedka Swedish for only $17.99 at all three Value Wine Group stores.

Get yours while supplies last at Best Value in the Wegman's Plaza in West Seneca, Wine and Liquor Chateau in the Dash' plaza in Williamsville, and Midnight Liquor in the Covin/Eggert plaza in Tonawanda.



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