The Buffalo Bills are preparing for a game they absolutely have to have this Sunday, which is a 4:25 pm kickoff in Kansas City against the Chiefs. This will be the third straight year the Bills will be playing a regular season game at Arrowhead Stadium, not counting the two playoff games in Kansas City since 2020.

The Bills are 6-6 and despite the fact they have three teams in front of them for a playoff spot, they actually have pretty decent playoff odds.

If the Bills win all of their remaining five games, they have a 99 percent chance to make the postseason. They lose one game and that loss is against Dallas, they have a 77 percent chance. If they lose one game and it's against Kansas City, it's more than a 50 percent chance.

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Basically, if they lose two games of the remaining five, they will not make the playoffs.

The Bills are about to get help soon, as they will get one of their key offensive players back on the field.

The Bills have opened up the 21-day practice window for tight end Dawson Knox, who has missed the last several weeks with a wrist injury.

Knox will have to be activated before December 27th, so odds are he will return in the next two games, either this Sunday vs. Kansas City or next week before their home game against the Cowboys.

The big question is that what will offensive coordinator Joe Brady do with Knox once he is put back on the 53-man roster? They have been doing great on offense the last two weeks without him, with mostly 11-personnel. For those who don't know that term, it basically means three wide receivers and one tight end (and running back). It's the offense they used primarily from 2020-2022. They went to 12-personnel with Knox and Dalton Kincaid (two tight ends, two wide receivers and a running back).

However, has Kincaid taken Knox's job as the number one tight end?

Chances are Knox will be on the field but should be interesting how the Bills decide to use him and Kincaid moving forward this season.

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