One of the things that makes Western New York a special place are the incredible people who live here. The people who live from Buffalo to Niagara County, and to the southern tier, and everywhere in between. It's what makes this place special.

The community cares deeply about their Buffalo Bills as well, and it's always great when the football team is an extension of the city they play in. That's the case for the Bills in Buffalo.

The community is rallying around their team today after the Bills' heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime in the AFC Divisional Round, 42-36.

The Bills had two drives led by Josh Allen at the end of the game. Allen threw a 27-yard touchdown pass to Gabriel Davis with 1:54 left in regulation to go up 27-26. Allen then pulled a Houdini and escaped pressure to throw a 2-point conversion to Stefon Diggs.

Allen threw another touchdown pass to Davis 18 yards out with just 13 seconds left to put the Bills ahead 36-33.

Allen finished the loss with 27 completions on 37 attempts, with 329 passing yards and 4 touchdown passes. He also rushed for 68 yards.

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Allen and Chiefs quarterback Mahomes both cemented themselves as the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and certainly at the very least, the most talented.

Allen's had to deal with detractors based off the 2018 NFL Draft narratives, but thankfully, most of the doubters have come around on Josh as a great quarterback.

On Monday, Bills right end Dawson Knox talked about Josh Allen and had strong words about people who for whatever reason, still doubt him.

Josh Allen has nearly 800 total yards with 9 touchdown passes and zero turnovers in two playoff games. That's arguably the greatest two-game stretch in the NFL playoffs in history.

The Bills lost because of their defense. Not because of #17.

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