It's been a fun past 16 hours or so for Buffalo Bills fans on social media. For good reason, after the Bills crushed the New England Patriots, 47-17 in their Wild Card Round playoff game at Highmark Stadium.

Minus the kneel-downs at the end of the game, the Bills offense scored a touchdown on all seven possessions against the Patriots; and did not face a 4th down, turn the ball over, punt, or attempt a field goal. That's the first time in NFL history that has ever happened -- the football equivalent of a perfect game.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen completed 21 of 25 passes for over 300 yards and 5 touchdown passes. Allen barely fell short of a perfect passer rating (158.3) and had more TD passes than incompletions.

Two of those touchdown passes went to tight end Dawson Knox, which were the first two touchdowns of the game.

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Knox's first TD was a pass that Allen admitted after the game he was actually trying to throw away, but Knox snagged it.

On Sunday, Knox had some fun on Twitter with Barstool Sports president and Patriots fan, Dave Portnoy; more specifically, a tweet that Portnoy had a week ago that threw shade at the Bills winning the AFC East for a second straight season.

Portnoy said it would mean nothing if New England beat them in the playoffs...which happened.

Dawson Knox is one of my favorite players during postgame interviews, because of how fun he is with answers and having some fun with it all.

This is a classic example.

The Bills will play the Kansas City Chiefs on the road in the Divisional Round if the Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. If the Steelers win, the Bills will host the Cincinnati Bengals at Highmark Stadium.

[THREAD] If McDermott takes this Bills team to the Super Bowl, and ultimately wins it, will he instantly become the best Head Coach in Bills history?

A Reddit thread began circulating on social media, and the subreddit has a variety of responses.

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