The winter just doesn't want to leave the Western New York area this year. The calendar says that it is spring, but the air and the snow say that the cold is still winning!

As you pass by the many bodies of water around the Buffalo area, you may see more and more dead fish? There is a very good reason for why that is. According to a report and a Tweet from the Department of Conservation in New York State:

New Yorkers may be seeing more dead fish in the water this spring than in past years. The winter of 2020-2021 created optimal conditions for winter kills, which usually occur in shallow waterbodies with aquatic plant growth.

This is reported on the eve of the official opening day of the trout fishing season in New York State.

We are so lucky to have the amount of fresh water fishing in our region. The Great Lakes, the Niagara River, along with lakes like Chautauqua and the Finger Lakes combine to make a destination for some of the world's best fishermen and women.

The weather is going to be playing a lot of back and forth the next few days but that won't stop anglers from hitting the streams and lakes. The regular, state-wide trout fishing season, when anglers are allowed to keep fish on most waterways, goes from April 1 to Oct. 15 each year.

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