The Buffalo Bills drafted tight end Dalton Kincaid with the 25th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft last night, which was an interesting pick for Bills fans.

That's because most Bills fans wanted a wide receiver with the Bills first round pick this year, but this is still a pass-catching threat who will play slot for Buffalo. It's just that he's listed as a tight end. The Bills also traded up two spots to pick Kincaid; giving up a 4th round pick.

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The Bills could still draft another wide receiver on day two of the draft but we should remember that they also signed Deonte Harty.

Harty will be asked to be a slot receiver and contribute in the return game. He is loving his early time in Buffalo and let fans know that he would be going to arguably the best place for wings on earth.

Harty tweeted on Thursday afternoon that he would be going to Bar-Bill and giving it a go, since many Bills fans told him to go there.

Harty gave an update of his spread and it's glorious.

He also was treated to blue cheese and pizza logs, which he wasn't exactly accustomed to.

Harty has been active on Twitter since he signed with the Bills back in March, giving fans updates on his time in Buffalo.

It looks like he's been steered in the right direction for food.

If he wants to come to South Buffalo, Nine-Eleven Tavern is the place to be. Just saying, Deonte.

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