If you live in Depew, then you know about the rail bridge on George Urban Boulevard.

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The bridge sits down the road from Joey's Pizza and Frosty's and has been a huge problem for oversized truck drivers for what seems like years.

The bridge's height is only 11 feet, 9 inches. Nine trucks have hit the bridge since last August, and police say there would have been more incidents if they hadn't pulled a few over that were headed down George Urban.

Now the problem should be resolved in the not so distant future.

According to WGRZ, Depew will receive a $64,000 grant to get a infrared height detection sensor.

The sensor will flash a warning for trucks when it senses the truck is too big to fit through.

The Mayor of Depew says it probably won't entirely stop it, but the incidents should decrease significantly.

"I'm not ready to claim that this infrared system that we're going to install here is going to make it so that there's zero bridge strikes that happen," Depew Mayor Kevin Peterson said.


"However, I'm confident that the number will decrease, and we'll have less opportunities where our police department and even our fire department has had to have been called out to this location when one of the trucks has gotten stuck."

This rail bridge is one of the things I picture the most when thinking about Depew, and the problems it has caused. Hopefully this new sensor stops these trucks before the go under it.

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