More details are coming to the surface about the shooter's personal life, but why did he walk into the Family Dollar on Union Road at French in Cheektowaga and shoot off dozens of rounds?

Around 2:30 PM, 29-year-old Travis Green, walked into the Dollar General, asked for an application, somehow became irritated and started shooting.

He was tackled by police and they found an AR-15 rifle and 850 live rounds of .223 caliber ammunition inside of his car.

He is being charged with attempted murder and a number of other felony charges and is now in jail without bail.

Green's mother, Viola, said she thinks her son was "fed up" and snapped. She said he was stressed because he was recently hurt at work, fired from a job, and was going through a separation with his wife.

"It was building up. The pressure was building up over time as far as me talking with him and him talking with me," said Viola Green. "I believe he just got fed up", according to WGRZ.

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