It looked as if the Buffalo Bills were about to get blown out in Baltimore against the Ravens towards the end of the first half.

The Ravens were leading 20-3 and the Bills offense could do little, not helped by the drops by receivers and two costly turnovers that led to two Baltimore scores.

However, the Bills scored a touchdown near the end of the first half to cut the lead to 20-10 and the Bills roared back for a 23-20 victor on a last second field goal from Tyler Bass.

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The Bills ultimately decided to settle for a field goal on the final drive of the game, instead of scoring a touchdown.

The unsung hero of yesterday's win was not Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs or even kicker Tyler Bass. It was running back Devin Singletary.

The Bills had the ball on the 11-yard-line with 1:50 left. The Ravens had one timeout remaining.

Singletary got the ball on a handoff and it looked as if Buffalo would score a touchdown, but Singletary ultimately gave himself up for the tackle on the 3-yard-line, instead of powering his way into the end zone.

The Ravens used their final timeout and after the Bills did a Josh Allen sneak for a first down, they knelt down on the ball and kicked a field goal with no time remaining to win the game.

Singletary did the smart thing. If he goes into the end zone for a touchdown, that gives the Ravens 1:45 and one timeout to go down the field and try and tie, maybe even win the game with a two-point conversion.

Instead, Singletary gives himself up for the tackle and the Bills eat up the rest of the clock.

Bills head coach Sean McDermott said after the game that was the plan, and Singletary's heads up action helped preserved the win for the Bills.

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