The fall and winter months are upon us here in New York State and for many that means staying closer to home and spending more time inside. Before the snow starts to really fly, perhaps you are the kind of person who plans ahead and stocks up on essentials? If you have kids, especially kids in diapers, it seems you go through supplies even faster during the next few months.

We have three sons and have changed countless diapers over the last 7 years. I would hate to think of the amount of money that might add up to. My parents may have had the right idea when they used a diaper/laundry service back in the day. When you consider the taxes that we pay on diapers, the cost gets insane. But relief is on the way.

There is a new regulation coming here in the Empire State that will remove the taxes that New York residents pay for diapers. According to reports, it starts December 1st.

On July 19, 2022, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Diaper Initiative for Parents and Elderly Remedy Act. The law exempts the purchase of diapers intended for human use from sales tax. The definition of diapers in the Act is broad and includes disposable, reusable, adult, and children’s diapers. The law will begin on December 1, 2022.

Many times when we change the kid's diapers, I can't help but think that that little yellow/blue line on the diaper is a brilliant marketing idea. If you have ever found a diaper that ran through the washing machine or seen one after a kid was in a pool, it is incredible how much liquid a diaper can hold! The little line changes color after a kid has peed in the diaper but perhaps we are changing the diapers too quickly? Regardless of your stance on how long kids should wear a diaper or when they should potty train, any relief from the high price of diapers is welcomed.

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