It fooled me.  And it fooled a lot of people.  I said Tuesday morning that I thought Beyonce's performance of the National Anthem during Monday's presidential inauguration was one of the best I'd ever heard - ranking right up there with Whitney Houston at Super Bowl 25. 

The question in the minds of a lot of people has been how can you possibly deliver such a tremendous performance under such pressure and with so many people watching.  Well, Beyonce is a pro, right?  True, but she's apparently enough of a pro to think ahead and record it.  Yep, Beyonce lip-syched the national anthem.

It's standard procedure though.  A representative of the United States Marine Band says all music for the ceremony is pre-recorded because there are so many variable factors.  The band played live and Beyonce could have sung live too, but at the last minute she decided to use the pre-recorded vocal track.  She really sold it though.  What do you think?  Can you tell?

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