Dryer sheets are a great way to keep hornets out of your mailbox!


There are plenty of homeowners who are finding something unique in their mailbox these days. It is bee, wasp and hornet season and mailboxes are a perfect place for them to build a nest. Letter carriers around the country are using dryer sheets to help keep the stings away!

According to Fox News:

A postal worker took to Reddit to inform people of the truth behind the dryer sheets. Posting under the name Istrx13, the user explained that the dryer sheets are used to keep wasps away.

There always seems to be a good hack these days and this one is something that I may want to try at our house. Even after using sprays and removing nests at the beginning of summer each year, the hornets seem to choose our mailbox as a home! As a matter of fact, I have been seeing many wasps and hornets building nests around our property but because of the cooler and wet weather, they seem to be pretty relaxed and easy to remove.

The weather is about to change around Western New York and that means the wasps will be getting more active. Keep and eye out when you are getting your mail. It may be time to help out the letter carriers and take care of the wasps and hornets before they out of control!


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