It's the little things that make a world of difference some days.  And often we don't get the chance to say thank you to someone who made our life better...which is why we are hoping you can help.

A woman named Holly Edwards was travelling on the 290 on her way to work like many of us do the other day when a deer jumped out in front of her car.  From her post on facebook, she unfortunately hit the deer and it sent her car into a spin.  She says she hit a guard rail and did a lot of damage to her vehicle.  Her car is totaled.

But in all the chaos, one person stopped to lend a helping hand.  He helped to push her car off the road and even gave her what she called a "much needed hug."

He was the only one who stopped.

She points out that a lot of other people were on their way to work that morning, just like he was.  But he took the time to show another human being that someone cared.  And it meant the world to her.

The problem is, she never really got to say thank you.

This is where this post comes in.  She asks that you share it as much as possible to hopefully show this person (in his 20's) how much of a difference he made on Tuesday morning.


Think we could get the word out for her and find this guy?

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