Have you seen some smiley faces in Kenmore lately and wondered why they were there?  I’ve got the answer for you…

Who is doing it?

If you’ve seen smiley faces around Kenmore, (and I don’t mean people who are just extra smiley) I’m talking about the yellow emoji looking smiley faces…they’re there thanks to students enrolled in the Big Picture Program in the Kenmore-Tonawanda School District. It's a special project they call "Miles of Smiles."

What are the smiley faces made from?

They're just wooden disks that are painted yellow to look like the iconic smiley faces that you've seen throughout the years on signs and emojis.  If you look closely, you'll see that they've got inspirational quotes on the backs of them too that were written by the students who decorated them.

Why would they do it?

The students started to make these homemade ornaments just to make people smile and they’ve hung them in the trees.  According to WKBW, the project was brought to the students from their teacher Michelle Phillips.

“We just wanted to make people smile and that was our mission,” Kenmore Teacher Michelle Phillips.

So leave them there for other people to enjoy too!

Some of the phrases you might see on these ornaments include:

  • "Life is like a roller coaster, but it's always fun at the end and I also wrote that even on your bad days — there's good in it"
  • "I love you and you are a star"
  • "Smile!  You look great doing so."

Have you seen some of these ornaments?  What was your favorite phrase?

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