There was a big mistake with the emergency alert system that came to your phone. With the National Emergency Alert system set to send out a national alert at 2:20 ET on phones, radio and TV, this was a reminder of a big mistake that happened in 2020.
Even if you don't live in Tonawanda, you may have gotten this strange text message and many are wondering why this was classified as an 'emergency'?

You usually have emergency alerts come to your phone in an extremely urgent situation. Timely situations that come directly to your phone usually have to deal with very TIMELY situations that need your attention IMMEDIATELY, such as Amber Alerts or Extreme Weather Alerts.

People are concerned and were commenting that it's not really exactly an emergency. You be the judge. Here's what it said:

EMERGENCY ALERT Continue to keep you and your family safe from COVID-19. Follow CDCs simple steps: Know how COVID spreads, Wash hands often, Avoid close contact, Wear a mask in public, Cover coughs and sneezes, Clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Learn more on the Town of Tonawanda website...."

Why is this so strange?

It seems as though, it only came to iPhone users. But, the other weird part is that it came from Tonawanda? Even if you don't live anywhere close you got the message, and it may not even be clearing from your phone. ON TOP OF IT ALL, it came to many phones at 9:11 am on September 11th. Ironic?

UPDATE: According to WKBW, it was just a test.

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