Did you know Larry King was part of a group that tried to help the Buffalo Bisons become a Major League Baseball team?

Larry King passed away over the weekend.  He was known to many people as an interviewer.  He would bring all kinds of people onto his show and seemed to be able to just talk to them about whatever came up.  Of course, the interviews were very well thought out and intelligent, but they always came across as two people who were just talking about whatever they felt like.

But did you know his roots with Buffalo run deep?

At one time, the Buffalo Bisons were making a pitch to become a major league baseball team.

In the 90s, The National League was expanding.  They were hoping to add a couple more teams and Buffalo was on the shortlist of 6 teams that could have made the cut.  Ultimately they chose the Colorado Rockies and the Miami Marlins to fill those spots, but if Larry King had anything to say about it, Buffalo would have been one of the teams instead.

According to The Buffalo Bisons, he was set to be part of the Bisons ownership team had they been granted a Major League Baseball expansion franchise in 1991.

“Larry was a big believer in professional baseball in Buffalo and a trusted friend to our organization as we made our pitch for a Major League expansion franchise,”  - Bisons owner, Bob Rich Jr.

He even narrated the team’s commercial pitch video.

It's crazy...we are still getting called some of the most enthusiastic fans in the country.  Of course, at this point, it's for another team.  But it does make you wonder - What if the Bisons had become a major league team...


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