The skies in the fall could possibly be the most beautiful of the year. The heavy and dark clouds cast over the bright colors of the leaves on the trees makes it picture perfect. However, when you toss in a rainbow and some sunshine, it is like a slice of heaven out your windshield.

We were taking a family ride to get some apple cider and pumpkins this past week and right around rush hour, we were treated to a gorgeous full rainbow. As we made the trip up the 219 north, we couldn't help but grab a picture.

My wife was riding shotgun and our four kids were in awe as we watched the colors get brighter and brighter! The kids were convinced that there was a pot of gold waiting on the other side of the valley.

Massive New York State Rainbow

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

There are some forecast that are calling for the Great Lakes to start dropping moisture on the surrounding areas. Some in the Western New York area are predicted to receive as much as 2 inches of rain Monday and Tuesday. If that happens, it would be equivalent to lots of snow!

What does
20 inches of rain mean

On average, thirteen inches of snow equals one inch of rain in the US, although this ratio can vary from two inches for sleet to nearly fifty inches for very dry, powdery snow under certain conditions. What is a nor'easter?

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