If you were at the Taste of Country on Friday or if you were on Facebook at all on Saturday morning, you may have seen that a little boy named Andrew was lucky enough to join Dierks Bentley on stage in Buffalo for a few minutes. Dierks mentioned that he had met Andrew backstage and learned his story about how he beat brain cancer.

I was lucky enough to be the guy that brought Andrew backstage for that initial meeting and could not have been more impressed by Dierks. He stopped everything and got down right next to Andrew to hear more about him and to tell him how brave he was.

Andrew was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years back and has been very bravely going through treatments. Every now and then when he was headed in, his mom would call and ask to hear the song "I Hold On" from Dierks to help him be strong. That was his theme song. You may have heard me talk about my little buddy Andrew who was headed in for chemo. This is him.

I was lucky enough to be asked to DJ a benefit for Andrew and let me tell you, that kid loves his country music!  He danced the entire day!

So I was all too happy to hear the news that he is now cancer free.  He has a few more battles to fight, but it's been good news.  So to see the sign that Andrew held that said "I Held On" was very inspiring not only to me but to many of you in the audience and Dierks too.  Here is their initial meeting...



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