While making a stop at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La., U2 gave Dierks Bentley one heck of a surprise: The Bono-fronted rock band added a few lines of Bentley's hit “Drunk on a Plane” into their setlist.

On Friday (Sept. 15), Bentley posted video of Bono singing a bit of "Drunk on a Plane," taken by a fan in the crowd at U2's New Orleans show, which readers can watch above. Bentley himself, sadly, wasn't present for the moment, which came during an interlude in U2's "Beautiful Day." Twice, before moving back into the lyrics of "Beautiful Day," Bono repeats Bentley's lines "It's Mardi Gras up in the clouds / I'm up so high, I may never come down."

“Trying to process ... U2 breaking into “Drunk on a Plane” last night in New Orleans,” Bentley writes to accompany the clip. “Can’t make this up. Thank you whoever posted this video. I need a drink … maybe several!”

U2's nod to Bentley isn't totally out of the blue. According to a 2016 interview Bentley did with Radio.com, the country artist has developed a creative rapport with Bono.

“I guess I have a tradition now of sending a song or two to Bono for every record and getting a response. I got a text back from him today, actually. I sent him a song called "Freedom,"” Bentley said in the interview. “The third verse of the song was kind of inspired by something he said to me once: He said that when people in other countries see the American flag, they don’t just see a geographical location, they see an idea of freedom. And they want a little piece of that idea.”

Bentley, too, has covered U2, on a past project: On his 2010 bluegrass album Up on the Ridge, the country star, the Punch Brothers and Del McCoury perform U2's "Pride (in the Name of Love)."

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