Dierks Bentley may be one of the biggest acts in country music, but he was recently out-shined by two stellar stars ... his daughters.

On April 1, Bentley returned to his roots for a show at Nashville's famed venue, the Station Inn before heading off on his Riser Tour.

"This is ground zero for me," said the 'I Hold On' singer backstage, before the show. "I can't go out there on the road and do a tour without getting back to my roots. This is where everything kind of got started for me."

After joking that "you never know who's gonna show up at the Station Inn," the 'I Hold On' singer revealed that Kacey Musgraves and Kip Moore had shown up for the party. But the biggest stars in the building? Bentley's two daughters -- five-year-old Evie and three-year-old Jordan -- who also were the star's highly popular opening act!

Amidst a stage full of some of the best musicians in country music and in front of a packed audience, Evie and Jordan sang their hearts out while their daddy looked proudly on. And the dynamic duo even have a band name!

"Sandy Bottom Sisters is the band the girls formed over spring break," said Bentley's wife, Cassidy in an interview. "So the bluegrass band at the Station Inn accompanied them, and Evie sang 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen,' which has completely taken over our life, and then Jordan did 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'"

After their rousing opening act, the Sandy Bottom Sisters headed home for bedtime while Musgraves jumped on the tiny stage during the second act for a rendition of Buck Owens' hit, 'Act Naturally.'

After his gig at the Station Inn, Bentley kicked off his Riser Tour on April 5. Maybe he can even convince the Sandy Bottom Sisters to make another appearance while on the road -- that is if he pays them enough.