Maybe it's just a hometown preference but no matter where I travel around the country there is no ice cream that compares with Perry's.  In business for 97 years in Akron, NY it's always been my choice.  

I can remember eating Perry's ice cream cones - the Nutty Cones - when I was in elementary school and they haven't changed in all these years.   Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and peanuts in a crispy cone. The best part… the cone is lined with even more chocolate and a big dollop of chocolate at the bottom of the cone.  What other company does that?

Every once in a while I'd change it up a bit and go with Perry's ice cream sandwiches.  They're the best.  And a real plus when I attend Buffalo Sabres games is that they have a big freezer full of both of those treats right in the press box.

Whenever I feel like stopping for an ice cream cone my choice is to go to a place that features Perry's Ice Cream.  My longtime favorite has always been Butter Crunch but it's been hard to find lately.  Maybe there's such a demand they run out of it...wink, wink.  So I settle for Butter Pecan.

On Thursday the company revealed one of their newest flavors - One Buffalo.  We were thinking it might feature chicken wings and beef on weck, but I guess that'll have to wait for another time.  One Buffalo actually is vanilla ice cream with sea salt caramel swirls, sponge candy pieces and fudge-coated pretzels.  It not only sounds tastes great.

And when Perry says One Buffalo they really mean it.  100 percent of their milk comes from farms within 50 miles.

One Buffalo is one of three new premium ice cream flavors introduced in quart sizes.  The two new others are Bourbon Caramel Pecan and Chocolate Hazelnut.


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