Locally and family-owned Perry’s Ice Cream is our go-to favorite in Western New York. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long, exhausting workday, plopping down on the couch, and catching up on your favorite show - pint of Perry’s in hand. 

But with warmer months approaching, Buffalo residents are eager to savor a cone, bowl or sundae filled with Perry’s under sunny skies at some of the best ice cream spots in the area. 

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Perry’s Ice Cream: A Favorite Choice In Western New York

Originally founded by H. Morton Perry in 1918 as a dairy delivery business, Perry’s transformed into a beloved ice cream brand here in the Buffalo area. 

Perry's Ice cream factory

Perry’s switch from dairy to desserts was sparked by a request from the then Akron High School cafeteria manager, leading Perry to create his first batch of ice cream from a cherished family recipe. More than 100 years later, Perry’s Ice Cream remains a locally-owned family business, boasting over 130 flavors of ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and other novelties that have won the heart of locals. 

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Scooping perrys ice cream

Perry’s Ice Cream Announces Exciting New Flavors For 2024

Just in time for the warm weather, Perry’s has unveiled five tantalizing new flavors in their lineup that we'll be able to enjoy this summer here in Buffalo. 

Some of the new concoctions, like Caramel Panda Paws, Cookie Jar, and Over The Moon are available to purchase in pints and cartons in Western New York grocery stores. Others, such as Fruit Scoops and Bee Sting, will exclusively be offered at local ice cream spots that carry Perry’s brand ice cream. 

The best part? Every single one of the new flavors sounds amazing. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the brand or are just discovering this local favorite, you’ll want to get your hands on every single one of these delicious new treats. 

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Keep scrolling to learn more about the new Perry’s Ice Cream flavors coming to stores and shops in the spring and summer of 2024. 

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