For a few years now, the Bills/Dolphins rivalry was almost non-existent.  However, I think it's safe to say that it's back again.

The Bills/Dolphins Rivalry was huge

In the early 90s, for Bills fans at least, there wasn't a bigger rivalry in the NFL than that of the Bills and the Dolphins.  Each team would deliver the other a blow as often as they could.  The days of Jim Kelly vs. Dan Marino still live in our heads.  And who can ever forget Bryan Cox and the on-field tantrum that ended in him waving goodbye to Bills fans with just one finger on each hand as he was being ejected from Rich Stadium?

Over the years, that hate seemed to subside.  As both teams went through a rough patch where neither of them were the kings of the division (New England won everything), the competitive hate just seemed to go away.

But seems like it's back

The Bills are back to hating the Dolphins again

Josh Allen has really owned the Miami Dolphins.  Since he became a Buffalo Bill, it's been almost a sure thing that Buffalo would come out on top.  It was almost automatic.

Last year, that changed.

The Dolphins got much better last year with the addition of some pretty incredible wide receivers and a new head coach who is changing the culture in the Miami locker room.  For the first time in what seemed like a long time, the Bills lost a game to the Dolphins and were taken down to the final buzzer in the last two games.

Miami getting better has definitely re-lit the fire for the Bills.

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Dion Dawkins already has week 4 circled on his schedule

Recently, starting left tackle Dion Dawkins was talking with Collin Cowherd on his syndicated show "The Herd" when he mentioned that he wasn't a fan of Dolphins' defensive tackle Christian Wilkins.

Over the last couple of games where the Bills have taken on the Dolphins, Wilkins has gotten into scraps with Allen.  The first time, it ended in Allen getting a flag after he says Wilkins grabbed him in an area where you shouldn't be grabbed.

The next happened after Allen took a hit while the play was 40 yards down the field.  His linemen came in shortly after a little shoving ensued.

Needless to say, any time the Bills play the Dolphins it should be a good matchup, but this is one that we are going to want to be sure to have our popcorn popped for.

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