Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days and it's evolved into a necessity for many people, needing that phone all the time.

But with a smartphone comes social media. It's just a click away and it's easy to get lost in a world of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

According to a recent report by Global Web Index, the average internet user from 2013 had four social media accounts.

Now, that number is seven accounts for the average user. More than 80 percent of people say that social media wastes more time than it benefits us.

It's because those posts and reactions on social media makes us happy.

Susan Kristiniak, the Asst. Chief Nursing Officer for Northwest Health in Springdale, said, “There’s a chemical release in the brain when we experience positive things like that and it gives us this euphoric feeling.”

Snapchat also has a growing number. 46 million users in 2014. Today, it has 190 million users.

So, does social media play an important role in your life?

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