We've seen a lot of stupid challenges over the years on the internet.  This one is completely different...because it's all about being generous and kind.

We've seen people dangerously hopping out of cars to sing along to a Drake song.  We've seen people eat Tide Pods and spoons full of cinnamon.  Almost every one of them are terrible ideas.  This one though, is just a chance to make someone else's day.

It's called the Tip The Bill Challenge.

It's simple.  You go out to eat, and when you get the bill, you tip the total amount to the waiter or waitress.


#tipthebillchallenge I appreciate it

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Yup, they get 100% gratuity.  Yes, it costs you double what it would cost you to eat out, but hey, you get to finally do one of those internet challenges, and you get to brag about how generous you are.

Here's the important part:

If you're going to put a picture of your receipt on the internet, make sure there isn't any personal information on there!

There are already thousands of these on instagram.  Look for them using the hashtag #TipTheBill or  #TipTheBillChallenge.

What is the most you've ever tipped your server?


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Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)
Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)

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