It felt right at the time...but as soon as I got home, I realized how stupid my mistake was.  Guys, you may have done something like this I'm not going to be allowed to go to the grocery store alone again.

My family was all going to get ice cream last night and I made the healthy choice to avoid it and instead go to the grocery store to buy veggies.

Everybody needed something from the store, so of course, there was a list.  On that list was buy one get one free chicken breasts.  Seems simple enough right?

I tried...I really did.

I found the cooler with the chicken, I saw the sign that said buy one get one free.  This is where I messed up.

For some reason, I saw the BOGO sign, but couldn't decide if it was "buy one pound, get one free" or if it was "buy one package, get one free."  Total brain fart.

I assumed it was buy one pound, get one free and that the price would be adjusted at the register because that happens sometimes.  Of course I was wrong.

The look on my wife's face said it all.  I was an idiot.  It happens.  At least I'll have someone to go to the store with me next time.  No way I'm getting to go on my own again!

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