I've never heard of this in my life, but let me tell you how we got to this point.

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We have a had a big fruit fly problem in our house. We keep our bananas in our pantry and figured that was probably part of the problem, but during our research on how to stop the fruit flies (which never seem to just completely go away) we stumbled on this little tip that had us going 'what in the world is this'.

When you get a bundle of bananas from the store, take some tin foil and wrap it on the stem of the bananas where they are all connected.

When you bring your bananas home they are already on their way to becoming brown and by wrapping the stems in tin foil or plastic wrap, it will help slow the process down (unless if you're trying to make some banana bread I'm sure you're trying to get them brown a little faster).

 Bananas, like many fruits, release ethylene gas naturally, which controls enzymatic browning and ripening of not just itself, but other fruits nearby. Much of that offgassing takes place at the stem—or the crown—of the banana. By wrapping the crown of a bunch, you slow down the ripening process a bit. For the best effect, separate the bananas and wrap them individually", according to LifeHacker.

When we told the story on the air, you were calling us with all of your hacks in the fruit department and boy, we didn't realize there were so many. Here were some banana specific 'hacks': Keep them away from being on top of other produce, give the bananas a vinegar bath (this seems excessive...but okay), and of course put them in the fridge when they're peeled.

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