If you grew up in Western New York in the 60's like I did, then you probably remember WKBW 1520. This was back in the day when AM radio was king. No one ever listened to FM radio.

When I was four years old, my father bought me a small transistor radio. This was the coolest present he had ever given me. This is how I discovered the Beatles and listening to KB Radio 1520. Back in those days, Dan Neaverth was the main radio personality at WKBW. He did the afternoon show and later switched to mornings. I am pretty sure his morning show was the highest rated program ever in the history of Buffalo radio.

What separated Dan Neaverth from all the other radio personalities was ability to do different voices and characters on the air. He had a whole slew of characters on his radio program. What most people don't realize is that Dan did all of those voices himself. You would hear a conversation between Dan and one of his characters and it sounded like two different people having a conversation. It was Neaverth doing both voices. To me, this was creativity and talent in a class all by itself. Buffalo will probably never hear another radio personality like Dan Neaverth.

Another thing you should know about Dan Neaverth is that even though he became enormously wealthy in radio, he always kept his ego in check. He was and still is just a regular guy from South Buffalo. Today's broadcasters could learn a great deal from Mr. Neaverth.

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