It's always a sad day when a local restaurant in Western New York closes their doors. We care so much about the local food places in Buffalo, as they become a part of our community and family.

One Buffalo restaurant has officially closed, but it's not goodbye forever, instead, it's the closing of one chapter and the start of another.

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According to their social media accounts, popular seafood restaurant Dobutsu in Buffalo (near Larkinville), has closed its doors after a successful last few weeks of goodbye to their loyal customers.

The good news is this is not the end of the restaurant altogether. They will eventually reopen with a new southern seafood concept, and be called Compass Run.

Another popular restaurant in Buffalo is closing their doors as well, as The Black Sheep will be serving its loyal customers for the final time on Sunday, April 17th (Easter Sunday).

I'm curious what Compass Run feels like. I love seafood and Dobutsu did such a great job, but southern seafood sounds REALLLY good and something we simply don't have much of in the Buffalo area, so I think that will create a niche for the menu.

Too many restaurants have closed their doors in Buffalo since the pandemic began, but I am very intrigued in Compass Run and its menu. I can't wait!

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