How many times did you throw this thing at the TV while watching a Buffalo Bills game? Someone found this while at their mom's house recently and now the entire internet is looking for theirs. And if I'm being honest...I have 0% clue what these things were at first.

What is a Buffalo Bills Brick?

The Buffalo Bills brick, apparently was a thing back in the 90s, according to some Buffalo Bills fans in the 90s. When the Buffalo Bills were doing bad or the ref made a bad call (dang, we could really use these things this year, huh?) people would throw the Buffalo Bills bricks at the TV. Now, of course, they were not real bricks. The bricks were red foam with Bills blue lettering on them.

One Buffalo Bills fan on Reddit wrote:

I was hoping y’all can help me find a Bills item my mom lost in the late 90s. It was called a Bills Brick, and it was a foam/sponge fake brick and it had Buffalo Bills on it in blue, and you were supposed to throw it at the tv when you’re mad. I have many a memory of fetching it for her when she threw it! She would just about die if I found one for her. She’s been a lifelong Bills fan, and managed to instill that love in two of her children, so I would love to get her this awesome old piece of our history.


Keri on Facebook was another Bills fan who was going through her mom's stuff and found the brick! Does anyone still have theirs?

Bills Mafia Facebook Keri Chentfant

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